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  • Moe The Morel - Sticker

Moe The Morel - Sticker

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This is Moe, a Morchella - True Morel also known as the pinecone mushroom. Morels contain high vitamin D, they are a significant source of antioxidants and help support organs such as the liver.

Morels are fun to hunt for but often a challenge to find in the wild.

You will find them growing on edges of wooded areas especially near dead or dying trees and they are frequently found in recently burned forest fire areas. Morels are a widely sought-after prized gourmet mushrooms and are used by chefs around the world. They have an amazing but subtle earthy and nutty flavor. If you ever find them growing in your backyard, don't forget to share! Reminder: Never consume wild mushrooms or fungus without the guidance of a trained mushroom hunter or mycologist!