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Andy The Ant - Sticker

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This is Andy the Ant and unfortunately for him he has been taken over by the zombie-ant fungus, Cordyceps. This parasitic fungus infects ants and other insects through spores that attach and penetrate their exoskeleton. This allows the fungus to fully control the ants behavior and compels the ant in the direction it chooses. The fungus will guide the ants body towards a more humid, microclimate thats favorable to the fungus's growth. This means the fungus will take the ant up a tree to a leaf at a very specific height and cause the ant to permanently bite down onto the leaf. At this point the fungus can fully take over sending a long stalk through the ants head, that grows into a bulbous capsule full of spores used to infect other nearby ant colonies. Pretty cool, right?!?! Well, not for Andy...