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  • Noir The Black Trumpet  - Sticker

Noir The Black Trumpet - Sticker

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Don't be afraid of this Black Trumpet Mushroom named, Noir. This intimidating friend of ours is actually very good for you. These mushrooms are often dried out, ground up into a powder and used as a spice on meats, veggies, rice and added when making sauces and soups. They have a delicious rich smoky flavor that works well in many recipes. They are also high in B12 and are beneficial for skin care, preventing certain cancer and helpful with weight loss and reducing cholesterol. You can find these guys in hardwood forests not growing on trees, but near them. Now that you have learned a bit about them he isn't so scary, is he? Reminder: Never consume wild mushrooms or fungus without the guidance of a trained mushroom hunter or mycologist!